2019-12-12 - Bluez

  • add missing bluez dependency to debian package
  • handle “bluez package not installed” case
web site:
  • fix checksum verifications

2019-12-02 - Theme code

  • simplify LevelBlock interface
  • theme.xml files with separate board and tile drawing
  • add new modifier and fix an existing one
  • GameDialog: order games by difficulty
  • fix initial current game bug
all games:
  • use new stmm-games API
  • fix FillerEvent bug
  • use FillerEvent instead of predefined board in rolling games
  • eliminate initial countdown in games
web site:
  • add checksum verification for bundles

2019-11-16 - Improve games

  • add new input messages to CumulCmpEvent
  • add ArrayEvent: multi dimensional array indexed by trigger value and variables
  • fix BackgroundEvent bug
  • add visual alert on life loss to rolling games
  • SonarEvent can now be launched
  • points increase with level
  • use new ArrayEvent
  • add max. chain to games
  • points increase with speed
  • use ProgressWidget in all games
  • add missing schema file in .deb stmm-input-btkb.install
all projects:
  • add watch file to deb build
  • fix minor bugs detected by debian lintian
  • fix arch PKGBUILD for projects with multiple licenses

2019-10-25 - iwyu and static linking

all projects:
  • apply iwyu to all source files
  • fix static linking problems
  • fix wrong dependencies in arch PKGBUILDs
  • website has now versioned tarballs with checksums
  • improve highscores dialog

2019-09-13 - Games: fixes

all projects:
  • build scripts improvement
  • fix hardcoded user bug

2019-09-02 - New app: Mynes

  • initial release
  • rolling minesweeper with sonars and islands
  • can be played with keyboard
  • add event priority
  • improve xml parsing
  • bug fixes
jointris + swapper:
  • adapt to stmm-games library API changes.
  • fix bugs
  • remember window size in settings

2019-08-16 - Bug fixes

  • improve xml parsing
  • add game option conditions to game constraints
  • bug fixes
  • fix top junk and tile remover bugs
  • drop libgconfmm (removed from Debian Buster repo) for gsettings

2019-07-04 - All projects: noexcept(ions)

all projects:
  • reduce code bloat by declaring functions noexcept
  • bug fixes

2019-06-02 - Improve drawing performance

  • improve drawing API and performance
  • eliminate commands, add message to event action
  • create NewRows and simplify RandomTiles
  • many bug fixes
  • move ScrollerEvent to stmm-games
  • adapt to stmm-games API changes
  • fix TopJunkEvent bug
  • adapt to stmm-games API changes

2019-04-08 - Two new games

  • fix simple theme
  • improve RandomEvent (support permutations of a range)
  • improve FeederEvent (using output of RandomEvent)
  • add permutis.xml game (inspired by pentris)
  • add blob.xml game (remove 6 or more adjacent tiles)

2019-04-02 - Bug fixes and DestroyerEvent

  • minor API changes
  • bug fixes
  • adapt to stmm-games API changes
  • add new DestroyerEvent and use it in games

2019-03-25 - Man pages for all executables

All projects:
  • create man pages for executables when building from source
  • improve build scripts
  • increase minor version
  • add new ProgressWidget (and its xml parser)
  • fix event scheduling bugs
  • create ClassicVsJunk game using new ProgressWidget and RowPusherEvent
  • use ProgressWidget in some of the games
  • improve ScrollerEvent
  • improve tile removal algorithm

2019-03-13 - Arch binaries for all projects

All projects:
  • add arch binary package (also for bundle)
  • include version in project’s zip file name
  • increase minor version
All games:
  • add loading of distributed xml games in testing

2019-03-06 - New release for games

stmm-games 0.4:
  • add NPoint hash function
  • rename RandomRow to RandomTiles and add xml parser
  • fix Coords bug
  • increase minor version
swapper 0.4:
  • add missing license to Debian package
  • improve TopJunkEvent (API change)
  • remove AdjRemoverEvent and parser
  • move new tile generator and its parser to stmm-games
  • ScrollerEvent: use nested TileRemoverEvent to avoid creating easy rows
  • small optimizations
  • increase minor version
jointris 0.4:
  • add placingMillisec attribute to BlockEvent
  • use placingMillisec in Classic2.xml game.
  • RowPusherEvent: use ProbTileGen for multiple randoms.
  • increase minor version

2019-02-24 - New release for games

stmm-games 0.3:
  • improve initialization and xml parsing of RotateModifier, MaskModifier, TileAniModifier
  • add FadeModifier and corresponding xml parser
  • add GrowModifier and corresponding xml parser
  • increase minor version
swapper 0.3:
  • add TopJunkEvent
  • fix GravityEvent bug
  • add pause and resume to SwapperEvent
  • add classicVs.xml and stonyVs.xml games using TopJunkEvent
  • use FadeModifier and GrowModifier from stmm-games
  • increase minor version
jointris 0.3:
  • adapt API to libstmm-games-xml changes
  • increase minor version

2019-02-14 - New release for all projects

All projects:
  • version to 0.2
  • Jason Turner, C++ Weekly Ep.154, eliminate empty destructors
stmm-games 0.2:
  • improve APIs (abi changed!)
swapper 0.2:
  • add block to SwapperEvent and update its xml parser
  • add game with immovable tiles that change block shape when swapped
bluetoother 0.2:
  • rename policykit file to new website